Why is America the best place to visit?

I think the reason why America is one of the best places to visit is because there is so much contained within the United States. The country offers so much in regards to attractions, views, diversity and so on. When visiting America, you’ll be gifted the opportunity of seeing beautiful coastlines, majestic mountains and scenic national parks. Whether you’re down the Deep South or traveling to the altitudes of the north, due to the size of the country, you’ll always be gifted with something new wherever you go. In this list, I will highlight some examples of why this country is one of the best places to visit:

The States


One of the states that do America justice is Maine. ThE reason for this is because other than tourists, most Americans have never even seen Maine. Resting quietly, almost invisible to its surroundings and peers, there is a reason why Maine is called ‘Vacationland’ because offers a unique natural setting that has been luring summer tourists for decades. It contains a tranquil and temperate setting for its visitors to submerge themselves in and they can find endless things to do and places to explore

The Beaches

Hanauma Bay Beach Park – Hawaii

Again, wherever you are in the country, there is no doubt that you will be in short distance of a beach. However further afield, and Hawaii boasts one of the nicest beaches across the whole of the United States, clear white sands; this coral beach is actually enclosed in a breached volcano. The best snorkelling is on offer her due to the thousands of tropical fish. The beach is inaccessible on Tuesdays to allow the wildlife surrounding the beach to have some privacy. Another positive for in regards to the beach – no smoking is allowed whatsoever.

The casinos


America is home to one of the most recognised and iconic casino locations in the world. As soon as you step foot into Vegas, boredom will become non-existence and you can embrace all the lights, music and excitement and once you are there, it will be unmoral not to visit one of the  prime casinos. If you haven’t been to one before, then don’t fret as this beginner’s guide toslots and other casino related games will give you the basic understanding in what to expect once you’re at a casino.

The national park

These are one of the most beautiful elements that consist in America. Some of the parks are actually the same size of some European towns. If you want to see pure, untouched wilderness beauty, National Parks are the answer. As soon as you step foot in one of these parks, you will instantly feel the sense of tranquillity and contentment making you feel that you’ve entered utopia. There’s loads situated around the country and if you ever get the chance to visit one, make sure you do because you will not be disappointed