When to File a Complaint about Solicitor Services: Understanding the Role of the Solicitor

There are several avenues from which a complaint about solicitor services can arise. These can range from a simple failure to providing the correct information relating to a specific purchase. Others can be due to a misunderstanding as to what the role of a solicitor actually entails.

When you decide to hire a solicitor, be sure that he or she is forthcoming with information. Information as to their role in your current situation and anything else that would be pertinent. If you have a complaint about solicitor services, it is key that you understand their role and your rights.

In conveyancing, it is very important that your solicitor highlight any information regarding the sale, such as prior purchase prices for example. A solicitor in this capacity should be accredited under the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme. An example of a reason to file a complaint about solicitor services in this capacity would be: if you discovered that there was a different prior purchase price that the solicitor failed to disclose to you.

When dealing with cases involving litigation or family law, many individuals have filed a complaint about solicitor services in the realm of costs. Within this type of legal area, it is sometimes difficult to ascertain at the start what the final costs for the case will be. For instance, when litigating this type of law, sometimes your costs will be dependent on actions of the other party. However, you should not be surprised by your bill. If the final costs are going to be significantly different than your original quote, this information should be readily given to you when the price begins to change.

You should be notified if you have set a limit to the costs and the costs have risen over that limit. When the solicitor knows that the costs are likely to go over the original estimate, is another reason to be notified. If you have made a request for additional work, outside of the work declared within the original estimate, it is your duty to understand that your final costs may change significantly.

The most complaints about solicitor services within wills, probate, and those types of matters, are often due to delays. This is due to the fact that overseeing an estate takes time. Those who are the beneficiaries can tend to become frustrated. It is the job of the solicitor to keep all parties informed of delays and to explain the reasons for such delays. If you feel that you have not been kept in the loop, it is within your rights to file a complaint about solicitor services.

Finally, when it comes to personal injury claims, you may be disappointed with the outcome of your case. It doesn’t help that you have most likely seen the adverts for instant cash for your claim. When the case seems to drag on forever, it can feel quite daunting. However, if your solicitor keeps in very close contact with you and explains any delays, this can help. In this particular area of law, however, it is important for you to manage your expectations, as well.

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