Tips for First Time Homebuyers

Have you just purchased your first home? Congratulations are in order for making a smart investment in your financial future. It’s an exciting time to put your key in the door of your very own home for the first time. No doubt it was preceded by plenty of searching, saving and a bit of anxiety. With keys freshly in hand, follow these suggestions from the financial experts to ensure your stay on strong financial footing. There’s a good chance your savings account is a bit lean after making such a large purchase.  There’s also the likely hood that you have a very large list of change you’d like to make to your home.

Start by making a list of changes you’d like to make. Estimate the costs for each and prioritize them. There’s no rush, you’ll most likely be in this home for many years. It’s highly recommended to start on the exterior of the home. Does it lack curb appeal? Does the landscaping and entrance need updating? Take these steps first as it take a couple of year for new landscaping to begin to mature. Updating the porch lighting, mail box and house numbers will go a long way in sprucing up the house’s curb appeal and be even more welcoming as you return home each evening. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and find great deals on these items at

On the interior, if you have the opportunity to apply a fresh coat of paint prior to moving in, you’ll have a much simpler job on your hands than waiting until you’re surrounded by a sea of boxes. While the paint supplies are fresh on hand, touch up baseboards, trim work and doors as necessary.  Unless you’re working with a general contractor and already have a plan in place, refrain from any major changes until you’ve had the opportunity to live in the home for a while and get a true sense of the flow of the home and how you’ll furnish the rooms. Best of luck to you on the amazing journey of home ownership.