The biggest decision you’ll make that’s not about money

Every single moment of every single day, we are making decisions. Some of them are so small, you are probably not even aware that you are making them. Which foot to start going down stairs with, whether to have coffee or tea in the morning, which news articles to read and which ones to skip – they all may sound like very inconsequential things, but all of these decisions mount up and you start to form habits that become almost impossible to break. Try not putting the leg that lead with in your trousers first this morning, and you will be surprised to see how difficult it is to balance – because you are so accustomed to leaning in one particular way.

Of course, when we are making decisions more consciously, it takes a little longer than just instinctively knowing which way to learn when you get into a car, or deciding at which point in the road to cross. The more important the decision feels, the more time that we want to spend on it, thinking about the consequences and how it will make us feel if we decide to go one way rather than the other. When you get to the really big decisions, they often come down to one thing, and that is money. What house do you want to buy? How much do you want to borrow to buy a car? Can you afford to send the kids to a fee-paying school? All of these questions and decisions come down to a choice of finances – but one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make has nothing to do with money.

Instead, it is all about your teeth. You may laugh and think that any decisions about your teeth can be made by your dentist, but eventually almost all of us get to a point where we have to consider whether getting fixed dentures or getting temporary dentures is a better decision for us. Most of the time they cost the same price, which means that the decision really does have to come down to our personal preferences, and not about what will take more out of our pocket. It can be difficult to choose between two things when money is not involved, strangely, because so often we consider things based on purely a financial merit. When you have to take into consideration everything but money, the decision starts to become a hard one.

If you decide getting fixed dentures is the way forward for you, then you will have dentures that are perfectly fixed into your mouth, so that you can never take them out. This is something that dentists are very accustomed to doing, and they often think very little of it – but it can be a startling revelation to many people, that getting fixed dentures means having metal in your mouth that you can never remove. Of course, the designs of fixed dentures are so advanced these days that for many people, they completely forget getting fixed dentures and just live their lives normally, finally able to eat and drink, smile and laugh, without feeling self-conscious about the way that their teeth look.

If you decide that temporary dentures is the best decision for you, on the other hand, you will have to get used to sores and rubbing points in your mouth because they are able to be removed. Although some people see this as an advantage, in the long run it actually causes more pain than you would think, which is why this is one of the biggest decisions that has nothing to do with money that you will ever make.