Is There Any Need of Re-codification Law Amendments

Would it be your opinion expedient to intervene re-codification of laws amendments, or you need new legislation to let “marinate” give space case law and practice and then to legislative acts?

The practice needs certainty now, not in ten years. They also decided that should undergo a nationwide discussion. It should not be formed cabinet, out to establish a democratic structure. We really want to make about whether statutes (in accordance with the will of the majority shareholders) may admit that some of the members of the Supervisory Board shall elect the company’s employees decided independently by three judges, unless bound by his best legal opinion and conscience? It’s not a question that should be systematically addressed the court, sometimes even against the prevailing needs of the practice and doctrine of the majority opinion. If the state knows about the serious problems of interpretation and confusion and it knows of such, is required to remove, and users meet.

Of course, the interpretation ultimately resolves everything. There are opinions that go against even clear wording of the Act (to be precisely the issue of shares in joint assets). But so has to work right? One thing is the text of the law, even its second opposite interpretation? It is, of course, the question of who would do the laws now interfering with what motivation. If you observe the situation on the Ministry of Justice, you will be skeptical. If they are consecutive texts regulations to correct the authors, or make their own decisions about what are right and what not, and dig into what can and can not do anything, it is quite clear how it turns out. We already have many of today’s problems of interpretation we warned. But the authors were convinced that we are wrong, and let them go unnoticed. A ministry held since, as the authors decided nothing we could manage.

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