How can Currency converter increase the revenue of an e-commerce site?

If you are a site owner then you can increase the site loyalty by providing the facility of free currency converter to the visitors of the site. In case you are an owner of a multinational online product selling site, and you legally sell products to different countries, you would need to keep the price list into dollar or in euro as the standard rate of the products. But most of the people are not aware of the fact that, what will be the amount if it is converted in their local currency. For them if you place an exchange rates widgetthen they will not move away from the site. If you have not included such currency converter then there is a risk that you may lose potential buyers, as people may get disinterested to look for the converted rates again on google or other sites. In fact few of them are not even aware about the process of checking exchange rate by googling.

How this application can be helpful for travel site?

Nowadays, people take help from travel agencies to plan their tour. Most of the travel agencies own an online site to communicate with the potential customer more effectively. It also extends the span of their business. They can convert more visitors into customers by adding an exchange rates widget. If you put the price list in your local currency or into dollar, most of the people will not take much patience to go to the Google converter. They will not search for the exchanged money rate, or will get frustrated to look for the rates elsewhere. But if you add this widget into your site, you can increase the number of traffic as then they can easily check the amount by converting them into the local currency.


How to attach this currency converter?

Now the question arises how you can attach a currency widget if you do not have a software developer. There is no requirement to invest a huge amount of money behind a software developer. Instead of that just go to an agency who sells such widget. Yes, you can buy such widget by investing a little amount of money. And such agencies make it sure that, this tool must provide up to date information. The installation process is really easy. You will not find any hurdle to install it in your site. There are many vendors; just go to them, buy the product and instructions are given on their sites. Follow the instructions and install it through the control panel of your site.

What are the signs of a good currency convertor?

  • It must be up-to-date with all the latest information.
  • It must have information about the currency of all the countries.

Less than 5 seconds are needed to exchange rate by this tool. If you are making an e-commerce site you should attach such currency converter to your site to increase the number of the visitor apart from including your site to social networking apps. It will definitely help you in collecting more revenue, and good popularity.

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