Why Big Data is the Game changer in the Coming Days?

Those who are in the IT department in a firm know what it is to work with data and the time it would take to structure data. There are tons of data that a big conglomerate might generate on a daily basis not just on internet but also through intranet. From logging in to clicking on posts, to downloading files, to setting up databases of employees and customers the vast amounts of data is only … Read More

How to Use AMP for Better User Experience on Mobile

Google’s latest algorithms now enable it to roll out accelerated mobile pages for mobile searches. Top search engine optimization companies in Canada, like Webryze provide solutions regarding accelerated mobile pages and several other content marketing tactics for businesses.

To get started with AMPs here are a few things that will be of great help.

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Google announced it AMPs in October 2015. It initiated with the rise in percentage of search … Read More

Importance of Content Marketing in 2016

With time, content marketing has flourished and it has now become more than just a marketing tactic. It is probably the future of marketing.

As the report from CilckZ suggests, content marketing is probably the “Go To” trend for most of the brands and companies. Almost 25% percent of respondents believe that content marketing is just the way to go for their penetration in the market.

Other preferences such as Data7 Analytics, Social Media and … Read More