3 Sweet Valentine’s Day Protein Treats

Valentine’s Day is practically around the bend, so why not attempt your hand at one of these wanton protein treats to awe your sweetheart? Your adored one will value the way that these flavorful treats are much higher in protein and lower in fat and sugar than locally acquired chocolates. In addition, a hand crafted blessing is certain to awe. It’s a muscle-building win-win!

  1. Chocolate Coconut Protein Truffles

In the event that you cherish anything chocolate or coconut, this formula is for you! These chocolate coconut protein truffles pack a protein punch and heaps of fat-smoldering MCTs from the coconut oil. Did I specify these little pieces are dim, wanton, and delightful? Health literacy is one of a relatively now concept to health promotion that emphasizes the increasing individual responsibility for his/her health. Tyrese Review Enhancement Pills of 2017   phenqwiki.com  dietpills-reviews.com   crazybulkavis.com/legal-steroids-2016

Truffle Ingredients:

Chocolate protein powder, 60 g

Coconut flour, 3 tbsp

Unsweetened destroyed coconut, 2 tbsp

Unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 tbsp

Natural stevia mix, 1 tbsp

Unsweetened almond drain, 2 tbsp

Coconut separate, 1/2 tsp

Covering Ingredients:

60% cacao dull chocolate, 1 oz.

Coconut oil, 1 tsp

Unsweetened destroyed coconut (discretionary)


Consolidate truffle fixings in a little blending dish.